Iconic Innovation wants to be ranked as main P-Reps. So it can participate in block production, verification and making governance decisions based on your voice.

Please Support us in Fueling the growth of the ICON Ecosystem. Your Vote is your Voice

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ICON is a third generation blockchain protocol with high performance. ICON Network is one of the largest blockchain networks in the world. As a global blockchain project, ICON Network aims to remove barriers among different blockchains, and allow them to exchange values without intermediaries. By realizing this goal, ICON will realize mass adoption of the blockchain technology and Hyperconnect the World.

Currently more than 100 full time employees are working on the project, making ICON one of the largest teams in the blockchain space. Over the past years ICON has established a large network of partners such as financial institutions, insurance companies, hospitals, universities and more.


Education & Community building

We believe that building the community and education people on (ICON) blockchain go hand in hand with each other.

Start-up funnel (token development)

To accelerate the ICON network we are going to help startups and ideas to get the necessary tools for the development of ICON dApps


By providing a P-Rep node we’re helping in the process toward a more decentralized ecosystem.


As a team, we’re connected through our passion for Blockchain. Although we have different professional backgrounds, we have seen the landscape mature, and we believe that now it is time to professionalize. For us, this means that we believe now is the perfect time to (help) deploy dApps, but also build a broader eco-system, that will allow for adoption of dApps in professional companies.

We believe that with the right infrastructure, we can help companies becoming more transparent and transition from corporates to communities, where a client can play a bigger role than just pay the bill.